Marketing before Digital Marketing | by Mukul Mohan | Oct, 2021

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Mukul Mohan

Are you an aspiring Digital Marketer? Do you want to enter the digital space and build your career into it?

If yes, then this article is just the right fit for you.

There has been hype around Digital Marketing for quite a while now. You must have read a ton of articles on Digital Marketing and its benefits. But no one talks about marketing. Digital Marketing is more about ‘Marketing’ than ‘Digital’.

There are two keys to any business: Innovation and Marketing, and innovation depends upon marketing.

What if you develop a product but don’t know how to commercialize it? How to promote it? If nobody is buying the product that you made, your product and eventually your business is going to fail.

That’s why Marketing is important, more important than the channel through which you are marketing which is ‘Digital’ in this case.

Marketing is not limited to the promotion of our products or services. Marketing starts before creating a product.

Yes, you heard it right.

It starts with knowing your customers and their needs. Once you get the idea of what your potential customers need, you develop a product that satisfies those needs.

If you create a product according to the market needs, you are going to spend less on marketing and your product will market itself.

There are mainly four Ps of marketing:

  1. Product – What is it that you are selling?
  2. Price – How much are you going to sell it for?
  3. Promotion – What are the channels on which you are going to promote your product? TV Ads, Radio, Newspaper Ads or through Digital Channels?
  4. Place – Where can people find your product? Is it available online or do they have to visit a nearby store?

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Marketing is all about communication, therefore, effective communication skills are essential if you want to succeed as a marketer.

People want to be heard and they need someone to relate to. As a marketer, it is your job to have an emotional connection with your target audience.

Marketing is not just about selling a product, it is also about keeping your existing customers happy and making them a customer for life.

This can be achieved through effective communication. Your customer service team should listen patiently to the problems of your customers and give assurance to have them solved as soon as possible.

They must show empathy towards the customers. Personalization and persuasion are other subjects at which they need to be good.

Your customers are like your family, they should always feel that you or your brand are always there for them.

Happy and satisfied customers tend to recommend your product to their friends, family, and co-workers. And remember this, ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing is still the best advertising channel ever.

Communication skills are important not just for taking care of your customers but for you and your team as well. As a marketer, you will meet a variety of people, the people you need to work for, the people you need to work with, and the people who are going to work for you.

For you, to be able to handle all these people in a professional way, guess what you’re going to need?

Yes, that’s correct!

‘Communication Skills’

Now, let’s take a look at one of the most important marketing funnels that there is:

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. The importance of this marketing funnel is so much so that your wealth depends upon it. Here’s how,

Wealth=n^catt (where n is your niche)

  1. Content- You need to create content that is useful for the audience, provides value to them and at the same time, lures them to engage with it.
  2. Attention- Driving attention or traffic to your content is the next important thing. If you are writing and publishing meaningful content and nobody is actually getting to it, it’s of no use.
  3. Trust- You have to gain the trust of the people who are receiving your content. You continue to provide them with value, retarget the people who have come to your blog or website, and keep them engaged.
  4. Transaction- Finally, the most important aspect of this funnel is to make your customers purchase from you. Converting your leads into sales using different sales methods.

Let’s not dive into the debate of which is better than which. You may have seen a lot of people taking the side of Digital Marketing in this case.

Well, Digital Marketing may have eclipsed traditional marketing in few spheres but we cannot ignore traditional marketing at all.

Digital Marketing is not even close to traditional marketing if we talk about the reach traditional marketing offers.

Traditional marketing plays an important role in reaching local audiences and building a personal connection with them. Today’s customers rely on relationships now more than ever.

Traditional promotion methods are sustainable in nature. You can get benefits from the same newspaper ads, television commercials, flyers which is not possible with digital marketing.

One has to keep building new campaigns, new strategies, new social media posts, new videos, etc. in case of digital marketing to keep the audience hooked.

From a psychological point of view, traditional marketing gives more credibility to your brand than online marketing. Printed material and ads on the larger mediums are more trustworthy. People are likely to believe that the company is financially strong and stable, because of the brand’s advertising on such a large scale.

Digital marketing alone can’t win the game.

Digital Marketing itself has many modules under it. And even with someone having years of experience, they can’t be an expert in each of these modules.

Therefore, it is more important to execute digital marketing in an integrated way than building expertise in every module.

Each module such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(PPC), Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, and Content Marketing are powerful mediums on their own and if combined, their benefits can be multifold.

Integrated digital marketing is a method of using all of these channels and make use of their potential to achieve your business goals rather than pursuing just one of them.

This image will help you to understand the working process of integrated digital marketing. Quality content sits at the center of all these channels and drives the whole process.

People use the internet to find information, share it, and make transactions. Information is the major part of all this.

They do their research before making a purchase, comparing prices, read reviews and then they make a purchase. Hence, information or content comes before a transaction.

Creating good quality content helps in building trust with your audience, gives you credibility, and also spread awareness around you and your product.

This can be done through content marketing through various channels such as blogs, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. and everyone can make use of these platforms.

The next step is driving traffic to these channels through paid advertising, generating leads, and finally converting these leads into sales. That’s how the process of integrated digital marketing works.

Another very important aspect of Marketing is Personal Branding.

Personal Branding- If you have a personal brand, it will help you immensely in your business. It is easier to build trust and authority with a personal brand.

People like to hear from other people, not brands. It’s easier to join a conversation through a personal brand. Plus, if you have a personal brand that is famous, you can create other brands and they will be highly successful.


Because you will already have a fanbase, followers, and people who look up to you. There would be people who want to be like you.

This connection that you have built with your audience through your personal brand helps you to create multiple brands. People trust you and they will trust your product and services.

So, there is no doubt in their minds regarding your product and you can easily sell to thousands of people.

There is one disadvantage of personal branding, it can’t be sold.

But, apart from this one disadvantage, a personal brand gives you huge benefits.

Building mass trust is the goal of a personal brand. Here are some steps through which this can be done.

To create your own brand, first, you’ll need to learn the skills that are required for your niche.

Then you need to put those skills to work, by doing internships and taking up a job.

You could then start a blog around that niche and slowly start to grow that blog. Writing about something that you know helps in understanding that subject even better.

The next step would be to start consulting agencies or people in your business segment based on your knowledge and skills. Help them achieve their business goals.

Mentoring would be the next step in this journey. Teaching and mentoring help you become an expert in that particular subject.

Finally, launching your own startup. You have gained enough work experience to know how things function and operate. You will be ready to start your entrepreneurship journey.

That’s all from my side. I hope I provided some value through this article. Feel free to share your views in the comments.

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