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A 10-Step Guide to the Best Resources in the Marketing Industry

The marketing and advertising industry is a multitrillion-dollar colossus with exciting professional opportunities. But for people looking to begin their journey in marketing, it’s impossible to know where to start. There are just too. Many. Articles. And, frankly, too many boring articles.

That’s where we come in. The expert curators at Morning Brew have tapped experts, sifted through years of blog posts, and watched every Nike ad since sneakers were invented to bring you a 10-step guide to the best resources in the marketing industry.

Let’s get started!

  • What is marketing? Seth Godin explains in a few hundred words.
  • Breaking down the 41 different types of marketing, from guerilla marketing to email marketing.
  • Why marketing is important, even if companies don’t think it is
  • All the marketing terms there are to know
  • The great debate over in-house vs agency marketing what is a marketing funnel and why should you care?
  • What is a brand? No really, what is it?
  • Brand building through social media and brand building in the digital age
  • A toolkit for creating a brand strategy (and why you need to pay more attention to strategy in the first place)
  • What is a brand promise and why should you have one?
  • An example of the details that make a brand shine, as told on TikTok
  • Starbucks’s entire color palette and why it was chosen
  • Watch this iconic Steve Jobs speech
  • Marketing’s unhealthy obsession with “inspiration”
  • Tone-deaf activism erodes brands. Remember Pepsi’s widely criticized ad featuring Kendall Jenner?
  • Read Fight Club or watch Mad Menfor critiques on the industry
  • The longest commercial ever made
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson venting about targeted ads, and if ads should be allowed to target our moods
  • Moldy Whopper ad from Burger King + analysis
  • Aviation Gin ad + analysis. These guys just sold for $610 million.
  • Volkswagen’s best ads through history
  • Iconic Nike commercials
  • Using emotional twists in product marketing
  • How Casper grew from 0 to $750 million in 4 years
  • Morning Brew’s referral program
  • Passion economy: The oft-cited “1,000 True Fans” model for creators and a16z’s modern follow up, “100 True Fans”
  • Social media: The Brew’s deep dive on Facebook’s antitrust battle, Morning Brew’s take on recent boycotts against the platform, and how new privacy rules could impact future ad campaigns. Plus, here’s what the Brew’s Toby Howell learned from running our Twitter account.
  • Influencer Marketing: Ian from Seatgeek talks about the right approach for leveraging influencers, and The Guardian explains how the pandemic has affected creators
  • Search: Is Apple getting serious about search? Is Amazon a legitimate threat to unseat Google as the world’s largest search engine? And the state of the paid search landscape in 2020.
  • Gaming: Fortnite is giving brands more innovative ways to feature in the game and esports has become an important channel
  • Gen Z: They don’t want to buy your brand, they want to join it. But do generations neatly fit into preconceived molds? Probably not.
  • Rethink: Books on the massive disruption of the ad business and how to master the dark arts of advertising
  • The Kardashians might be the best marketers in the world
  • Fernando Machado, the most-loved CMO in advertising
  • David Ogilvy, the father of advertising
  • Rihanna is a pro copywriter
  • Martin Sorrell, the long-time leader of WPP, is a controversial but important figure to read up on
  • MrBeast is the most successful YouTuber of all time…and a master marketer
  • Remember Carter and his Wendy’s nuggets?
  • Take Facebook’s free marketing courses for everything you need to know about advertising on their platforms
  • Get your Google Ads certification if you want to know the nitty-gritty side of search engine marketing
  • Become a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, or just keep up with company insights via its blog
  • Try Cannes Lions’s online courses; each is led by an industry leader
  • A list of 10 marketers to follow on social media
  • The best collection and analysis of real-world marketing examples
  • Use the Alexa page rank Chrome extension from Amazon to see how websites rank in terms of traffic
  • Keep tabs on what’s trending with Exploding Topics
  • Here’s an excellent guide to the actual job titles and salaries that make up a typical marketing career path
  • Sign up for the Brew’s marketing newsletter, Marketing Brew

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