MYTHOLOGY X ENTERTAINMENT. Unlike older times, now people have… | by Aryan Anand | Oct, 2021

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Mythology and games

Various games provide insight into mythology. For instance companies like Ubisoft, Sony Entertainment and Microsoft have been into producing games of the mythological character.

God of War

God of War

Produced by Sony Entertainment, this is a game exclusively for PlayStation. Featuring legendary characters from Greek mythology like Kratos, Medusa, Athena, Hades, Atlas, Poseidon, and many more. Providing insights into places like Sparta, Greece, and even places of historical importance like Atlantis.

Mythology and T.V shows


A Glimpse of the series

A Netflix Original, Lucifer is a T.V series, that proves to be on Netflix trending for over 2 years. Successfully featuring characters like Gabriel, Eve, Adam, Mazikeen, Lilith, and the almighty god himself. Not forgetting the fact that Tom Ellis, the man who plays Lucifer’s character, has played the character of the Devil with immense excellence. The storyline revolves around Lucifer, the King of Hell, traveling to Los Angeles for a vacation/escape from the monotony of hell. It is a piece of extraordinary excellence in portraying mythology.

Mythology and music

Shanti People

Shanti People is a music group, volunteering to connect music and mythology. They have a record of making music of classic Hindu music including the Hanuman Chalisa and Mahishasura Mardini. Their key element of success is, cultivating beats and psytrance culture to Mythological Music…..

Hence, entertainment gets infused into mythology……

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