Online Auction: Surplus Assets from Techfootin #82 | by Silicon Valley Disposition | Sep, 2021

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Rohde Schwarz Vector Source Generator Model:SGT100A

Festo Robotino Mobile Robotic Development Platform Model: RO3-BG-KPL-Premium

FOBA Camera Stand

Heidolph Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporator Model: 560–00000–01–1

Acme Lectric General Purpose Transformers

Jefferson Electric Dry type Power Transformer Model: 0020/0031

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Refrigerant Reciber Model: Part #3391

Creative USB Audiophile Sound Card Model: Ices-003

RoboSense RS-LiDAR-16 Model: V3.2

Zygo Zegage Optical Profiler Model:6301–0310–01

Azimuth ARC-4000

H.A.L.M CetisPV-Celltest 3

For pre-auction offers and/or more information, please contact Manuel at (650) 787–3384

SAM centralizes surplus assets for better visibility, it sets value expectations and ultimately helps companies make informed decisions on when to transfer or monetize an asset.

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