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Pallavi Behera, a lady wearing multiple hats, from an Upcycle artist to a graphic designer, a cofounder of a School which beliefs in hands on experience and life skills exploration by children. She also owns a Digital marketing agency named Pickle Creatives. A part of her which we want to talk about today is how she is supporting small scale female entrepreneurs through her digital marketing agency.

Pickle creatives a million-dollar business helps local to international clients to scale up their businesses as well as to reach customers worldwide. The company prefers working with local female entrepreneurs to provide them solutions, training them, hand holding and giving support in every step to reach to their customer online and achieving their business goals.

Teaching and training small scale business owners the value of taking their business to a digital platform by an e-commerce website to building their brand through social media presence. Training includes guiding them in their startup journey, teach them tools, build network, automation to lead generation and customer support. The team at Pickle Creatives is always very involved with their clients keeping in mind their objective.

Online social communities are the best way of marketing for your product or services and build a network trust in people about your business. — Pallavi Behera

The team of 20 very enthusiastic individuals work at Pickle Creatives based in a small town of Manipal, Karnataka. These individual along with their CEO works from their comfort zone. 5 to 6 hours of efficient work is put by each individual to take the company where it stands today.

Pallavi prefers spending time amidst nature at her ancestral home in a small village of Orissa. She chooses healthy eating options, growing your own food concept. She works remotely for 4 to 5 hours each day and spends rest of her time with her family in her farm. She believes in living the lifestyle which great grand parents lived. Modern life style is ripping us apart from our peace of mind and health.

Is very keen in launching eco-tourism business from her village and farm in Orissa.

Shares a similar thought as her mentor Digital Deepak, wants to change the way education system works and was very keen in giving kids a total freedom to live a life and do what they are passionate about.

Work should not be governed by money, passion will help to live a content life and also will give enough money to survive.Pallavi Behera

She is a co-founder of a school named Kriya, a school where hands-on learning is a form of education in which children learn by doing. Instead of simply listening to a teacher or instructor lecture about a given subject, the student engages with the subject matter to solve a problem or create something and explore a possibility of something new.

Play allows children to create and explore a world they can master

A thought we all give that how we are destroying the future of our planet, and what we are leaving behind for our future generations. We talk about it so much that we do not take action, that’s not the case with Ms. Pallavi. Her upcycling business works around reusing all the junk and making useful stuff, so she does not procure new raw materials. One’s Energy and team’s creativity is used to convert the reclaimed items into something new, so its does not end up into the landfill.

So, this was a multitalented entrepreneur with multiple feathers to her hat. A caring, strong and a visionary person.

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