Pimples — 6 Surprising Causes of Pimples | by Jerotich Maureen | Oct, 2021

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Acnes are common in both genders. It is not something to be ashamed of. It mainly appears as from the age of sixteen. The statistics show that an estimate of 9.4% of the population worldwide have pimples on their face. Spots appear on our faces depending on the type of skin, genes, or even the surrounding. If you are one of those people wondering what are the causes of pimples on your face, then this is the right article for you.

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1. Hormones

It is the common cause of pimples in boys and girls during the puberty stage. When the androgen rises, the sebaceous gland under the skin enlarges; hence more oils are produced. When too much fat is on the skin, it becomes prone to pimples since bacteria settle on the skin. Also, during menstruation, or use of contraceptives, causes hormonal changes hence destroying the sebum production, thus resulting in pimples.

2. Stress

When a person is psychologically or emotionally disturbed, the level of hormones like adrenaline is affected. That causes pimples to appear a lot on the face; that is why you find at times a person has spots and later after sometimes the face becomes clear. The stress stimulates the production of oil, which clogs the pores.

3. Diet

Diet is critical to our skin, and it is essential to consider what we eat. The pimples might appear on our faces due to eating greasy foods, chocolates, high proteins, or stuff with high dairy production.

4. Medication

Other drugs contain lithium or androgen, which makes pimples appear on our faces when on such medication. When you find spots on your face, worry not; look at the medication you are taking at that moment.

5. Too much sun

Sunburns make our faces dry. When the face is dry, the oil production is triggered. High production of oil causes the pores to clog, thus causing pimples.

6. Pressure on the skin

Frequent touching of our face exposes our face to the dirt. Also, using a rough towel to wipe our face can cause the skin to be stressed, resulting in pimples. The face is sensitive in such that it becomes infected with only the dirt that lands on it.

In conclusion, people need to note those pimples are just ordinary. They appear due to one of the causes mentioned above. One might take many skincare routines to avoid them, but also, even if you aren’t settled in mind, they will just appear. Let us take great care of our face by avoiding the above causes in our daily routines. It starts with you; let not your face disclose what you undergo or what you eat. And most importantly, drink a lot of water and take vegetables frequently.

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