Reimagine Better Experience Using eHAC Mobile App — eHAC Revamp Case Study | by Kms Ichwan J S | Oct, 2021

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These are several reviews from the users:

Hai UI/UX designer team, I think you have to improve the UI/UX design. The flow is lack of user friendly-aspects. Better to improve it.

Apps is not easy to use, unresponsive, navigation is confusing. hire a better developer!

Download this because it’s required when traveling by air. However try many times to download my docs, failed. Try to play tutorial video failed (it said, server down). Tried other feature, also failed or data obsolete. I am confused.

To identify the common issues, I gather more reviews sample and classified it into an affinity diagram.

Identify user problems
Cluster problems into affinity diagram

As the result, the user problems is classified into 4 main issues:

  1. Technical issues
    There are complaints about server problem, bugs and errors, unresponsive app, and account problems which include troubles in registration, login, and account password.
  2. Layout and navigation
    Current layout and navigation make many users confused, there is lack of tutorial or socialization, meanwhile the app support is unreliable.
  3. Feature optimization
    eHAC submission process: Current process is inefficient because user needs to manually re-entry eHAC data.
    Vaccine and PCR result: Not integrated into the app.
  4. Bad copywriting
    Language inconsistency, typos, and grammar mistakes.

To get further explanation about user problems, then I conduct further interview with two users that have used eHAC mobile in 2021. The interview held in August 2021 using zoom video call.

User 1
Arvi, 25 y/o, a newly wed travels for a vacation with his wife. He is an energetic, patient, and outgoing person.

User 2
Jack, 28 y/o, an entrepreneur who regularly travel for business trips. He is a nimble, careful, and outspoken person.

Based on the interview with both users, there is similar experience in using eHAC mobile app. Both users use eHAC for travel validation (by filling passenger arrival, destination, and health issue in the app) during the airport checkout. Using eHAC mobile, QR code scanning process is simple but there are common pain points in using the app:

1. No ‘focus point’ on the app, users get confused what to do in this app
2. Without any guidance/instruction, the menu navigation is unclear (eHAC data submission placed in the account menu, instead of home menu)
3. User get confused because of the uncommon copy writing (Vaksinku/Health Passport in home menu is expected as eHAC data submission)

So, how can a passenger get better experience using eHAC ?

2. Ideation

In this design process, I decided to focus on the layout and navigation improvement to make better user experience from the design aspect. Many users feel confused using the app since there is no clarity what user should do in the app. This is eHAC mobile interface and sitemap on android version.

eHAC Homepage
eHAC Sitemap

From the user interview, we got deeper explanation that user has problem in understanding the app navigation. So, the eHAC sitemap has to be adjusted to make a better navigation. This is the wireframe process that I did in creating new ideation concept for eHAC mobile layout and navigation.

Wireframe process

3. Propose Solution

Finally, the new proposed eHAC sitemap still consisted of 3 main menu, however the menu is re-classified based on its functions. It consists Info (additional eHAC features), Home (eHAC data submission, eHAC history, and user help), and Account setting.

I choose the new layout with 3 bottom navigation bar combined with fixed tabs in the home menu. This is the new high fidelity homepage design:

New eHAC homepage design

In the new homepage design, the default page after login is home menu where user can fill eHAC data submission for both domestic or international travel, check available eHAC cards, or check previous eHAC in history tab, and learn about the app from the help tab in the Home menu.

The vaccine information, PCR result, available hospitals, and other additional features is grouped in the Info menu. Further research and integration is still needed to make the feature more useful for eHAC users.

The eHAC account features putted into the new Account menu. User can save data profiles for multiple person in one login, change login password, read user policy and app information, also logout from this menu.

Original eHAC data submission
Proposed new eHAC data submission

Besides, I also propose the eHAC data submission interface to be improved. In the eHAC submission process, the profile data filled can be saved, and saved profiles can be selected using dropdown list to simplify the process without re-entry user information. Moreover, the progress bar in the submission process should be clearer to give better clarity what phase the users is doing.


  • Limitation:
    The users interviewed are tech-savvy citizen since the interviewed held using video call. There can be other different issues and perspectives from non tech-savvy travelers.
    This case study is limited to the application design aspect, not included the technical issues to be fixed.
  • Room for improvement:
    There are some suggestion from the user reviews related to feature optimizations needed to be validated and considered to make better experience in using eHAC mobile.
  • App update:
    Today, this app has no longer available in the Play Store. However, the function to track mobility is now combined with the other government mobile app.

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