Rose from BLACKPINK Has Been Spotted On A Date with A GIRL By Paparazzi!!! | by Damia Gulzaib | Oct, 2021

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Blackpink’s Rosé On A DATE With A GIRL?

Damia Gulzaib

Now we don’t know the sexuality of Rose from BLACKPINK. But I think Rose can admire a beautiful girl when she sees them. The internet was going crazy and even talking about how Rose has been dating a girl after seeing her on a date with someone.

Of course, we don’t know if it’s a romantic one. I don’t really think it is. But this is what happened. Rose was in NYC and I think the main reason she was there was due to the MET Gala obviously.

And then Rose also went to the YSL store and people were taking pictures of her coming out of the store. And it looked like she met someone at the Met Gala and hit it off with them to have a good fun time with them. We don’t know if she knew this Girl before the Gala but we see them hanging out after.

I think it’s so interesting how little security Rose has gone everywhere. And of course, now that Rose was at the Gala, I think she has become a household name and paparazzi are specifically following her.

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