Skyrocket Your Business on Instagram Within A Month With These 7 Simple Steps! | by Reddyofficial | Oct, 2021

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Skyrocket Your Business on Instagram Within A Month With These 7 Simple Steps!

Instagram is one of the leading social media apps in 2021. With the arrival of reels and the pandemic people are spending more time on it. So businesses on instagram on growing faster than ever!

If you have a personal brand then it’s time you need to take advantage and grow your business too.

Growing a business online as become a nesscity in 2021. In this pandemic where online purchases are safer.

Both small and large scale businesses are growing online today. The internet has allowed them to expand their customer base to a great extent.

But why instagram?
Instagram has a huge user base of 700 million active users of which 500 million people make purchases from instagram. 
Over 1 billion and more people use instagram every month.

Now i know you don’t want to loose on thousands of customers merely because you don’t have an online store.

And that’s why I’m here to tell you 5 simple steps to skyrocket your business on instagram.

1. Optimize your profile on instagram

To optimize your profile first you need to have a profile. If you already have one great. But if you don’t then Create one asap!

Once you have an account, you will have to optimize it. If you want your ideal clients to follow you. You will need to have the following in your profile:

● bio that tells about you and your product

You will need to sound interesting and professional at the same time. Make sure to create a good impression to your ideal clients.

You can brainstorm some ideas from Google and lot more places to say. 
Mentioning founder, mentor, co-founder, coach etc, will make you look more professional. If you are one.

Switching your account to a business account will allow you to track you growth insights. It will even make your account professional.

● A professional looking picture or a logo

Imagine having a bomb bio but a cringe profile picture. When you see a business owner with a unprofessional picture or logo. Would you follow or buy their products?

Exactly no! So now you will need a good profile picture or logo to represent your business. Like if it’s a picture of you make sure it’s a professional looking picture with a decent background.

● Call to action
Now that you will be done with ¾ of optimization of your profile. It’s time to actually display something through which your ideal client can take action.

With action I mean buying your product. Now imagine you have done the job right, your ideal client is impressed and wants to buy your product. But how? you don’t have a CTA(Call to action).

Call to action allows your ideal clients to reach out to you. Now this CTA must be simple like DM me, Email me, Book a call Etc…

● Have a theme

Having a set of matching colors flowing through your grid profile will make your profile look appealing and interesting.

2 . Identify your target audience

Now that you have a optimized profile. The client is very impressed. But wait you don’t have any valuable content on your profile that will make the client trust you!

To post content on instagram you will have to find out what your ideal clients are interested in? What posts are they craving for?
What questions are bothering them?

Now of course your posts need to be relevant with your business goals. And it should also resonate with your ideal clients. Imagine somebody trying to sell you something that as no purpose in your life. Doesn’t resonate right?

So to resonate with your ideal clients you will have to target them by finding where do they hang out. Whom do they follow and what content will attract them to you.

Research comes into play now. Once you know your target audience general data. You can start posting Content that will interest them.

When your Content resonates with your ideal clients. They’re going to share It to the people who will resonate too. Making your ideal client base ×2 and more!

Many people have this misconception that they need 100k followers to sell on instagram or any other platform.

You need not have 100k followers to make 6 figures revenue. Like if you have the wrong audience of 100k following you. Who don’t need your product. Do you think they’re going to buy your product ?

Imagine having 2k or less followers who are relevant and aware of you and your product and are going to buy it. Because they trust you and your product has a purpose in their life.

3 . Post content to attract and hook your ideal client

Now imagine you want to buy something on Amazon and you found the product. But the product has no pictures and no description. Would you still press the purchase button?

This is what your exactly doing if your not posting Content on your profile.

Now with posts I don’t mean you will just have to post pretty pictures. Yes pretty pictures do help attract attention. But they won’t hook your ideal client on the post.

You will have to create valuable content in the form of posts. With valuable I mean educational, informative, entertaining etc..

I know you might be scratching your head thinking what to post. Now you can take inspiration from fellow competitors and see what topics are keeping their audience hooked. With inspiration I don’t mean literally copying them.

See what is the topic they’re posting, talking about. And come up with your own idea eventually. Create posts that will interest them and hook them to your profile.

Post atleast 3 times a week. Don’t sound like spam telling buy now everytime. Be informative at the same time telling them the worth of your product.

4 . Create Reels!

Maximum number of people would choose to watch a video rather read a article. So when we talk about video content reels come into the play.

Now I can’t stress enough to tell how far does this short 30 seconds fun,informative video will reach. But this is what exactly what you need to hook your ideal client!

It is very clear that your reels are going to pop up in many screens regardless of its good or bad.

Because a perfect engaging seconds of video are what people are addicted to nowadays. So why not make it fantastic and grab that follower.

Instagram can be a great advertising platform is used properly. Now I am not telling you to follow all the trends and make reels. Follow trends that you can change to benefit your ideal clients.

5 . Engage with your ideal clients on a daily basis

When you buy products online. What is the thing that grabs your attention. Q and A right.

Now with engaging I mean answer your ideal clients questions in DMs, comments and stories. Doing this will create trust between you and your buyers.

But why on daily basis.When you can show up on a daily basis with just figures why not. Now showing up consistently will build trust and authority in your ideal clients mind. That will eventually make them potential buyers.

Post stories asking questions, polling etc to constantly remind your ideal clients about your product.

6 . Create Highlight section to showcase your work, bomb client testimonials etc..

Highlights are pure gold for business. Like who doesn’t click on them when they visit your profile.

And the main advantage of Highlights are your new followers can look into your previous activities and stories.

Do you feel a client review is bomb but a post about it will sound too much and a story will be too temporary. Add it to your Highlights!

Make sure to have nice looking Highlights and good content flowing in it. You can show your client reviews, product benefits, little wins and fails.

7 . Maintaining consistency and patience are the key here

It won’t matter how much efforts did you put in. Until you are not consistent and patient.

Now it may sound all easy but it’s not. It’s not a overnight success. It takes time to see real money flow in.

It’s normal to get impatient and get pissed when things don’t work out as you planned. But always remember consistency and patience are everything in business!

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