SM Is Playing YG Card On AESPA?. SM is Playing YG Card On AESPA? ÆSPA’s… | by Damia Gulzaib | Sep, 2021

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SM is Playing YG Card On AESPA? ÆSPA’s and BLACKPINK’s Concepts are “way too similar ÆSPA is copying BLACKPINK. Black Mamba And Boombayah Sounded The Same!!!

Damia Gulzaib
Blackpink and Aespa

They are set to have a full album comeback on 30th September. That makes 2 songs + 1 Full album in one year. I don’t whether they do consistent vlives. They have appeared on various variety shows too. So it’s too sudden to say that SM is playing a YG card on AESPA. I don’t see Lee Soo Man the type to go behind that since he is of the type to overwork his popular idols a lot. Aespa is steadily growing so the chances are SMEs would want to promote them as much as they can.

They are talented, very much. But SM Is Playing YG Card On Aespa. Not saying that Aespa is the next Blackpink or trying to copy Blackpink or anything like that. This is how they are treated as a group.

They will end up like Blackpink, hated for having no talent because people won’t be able to see their talent through the songs they perform. But I guess worse, Yg is known for making the kind of music that Blackpink makes girls fall in love with.

And SM is not YG Their artists are great when it comes to vocals but instead of trying to focus on that in their songs all they try to do is make them sound attractive or please people. And maybe it will benefit them the same way that catchy music did to Blackpink, but their getting so much hate could also be true for Aespa in the future.

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