Social Media Managers, what if there is actually no social media one day? | by Swetha Priyadharshini | Oct, 2021

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Swetha Priyadharshini

It’s been three hours since Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp stopped functioning as I’m writing this. I see jokes, concerns, and conspiracy theories floating around about how we might wake up and there will be no Facebook or Instagram. In fact, not more than a few months ago, people were talking about how Twitter and Instagram are going to be banned in India.

Naturally, anyone working in the Digital Marketing industry initiated conversations about how they were going to lose their careers. There are so many brands and individuals that bet on social media for their growth. If you think about it, some brands even start their journey with social media accounts.

There are a number of small businesses that started doing the same over the pandemic. But think about it, Nasty Gal started off on MySpace while thrift shops right now are starting off on Instagram. What remains unchanged is the necessity of certain products and the necessity for the audience to find your brand and for your brand to reach the right audience.

Communication if done right holds the ultimate power to build connections. Remember the Joe Greene campaign of Coca-Cola back in 1979? Heck, I was not even born then, but I remember the campaign because it left me with a smile. It was not just communication done right, but it was impactful communication that stepped up the Super Bowl advertising game.

It does not matter if it’s mass communication or targeted communication, all that matters is how you nail your message in a way that your audience remembers you. Yes, social media does help you in marketing by spending little to no money. Not all of us have enough money to hire Joe Greene and make him smile. But if you’ve thrived in the industry, you know you have the creativity to make content that people will enjoy. I’m sure you’ve heard this enough but content is indeed the king.

If you look at creating content for Instagram, we have evolved from posting low-quality pictures to creating graphics to filming videos to now creating 30-second videos. The form of content has always evolved, it’s the creativity that kept us going.

(Oh, by the way, 4 hours down and the sites are still not functional.)

I’m nobody to predict the future but if there is one thing I would bet on, it is learning how to think differently, how to write effective copy, and produce content I know my audience will absolutely love. It shouldn’t matter to me if one day I wake up to find Instagram and Facebook shut down.

One thing we know for sure is that there will never be an end to digital media. I mean, look at China that does not have a single mainstream social media but has a Chinese alternative to everything. The digital world is here to thrive and so is content consumption. All that matters ultimately is for you to please your audience and not spend days worrying about the algorithm.

Your best content might not always be the best performing content, but that’s okay. You learn, you diversify and you move on.

So WHAT IF there is actually no social media one day? Am I losing my job? Perhaps, yes. I would proceed to become a small-time playwright for all I care, but I’m going to make sure I take my learnings from my time on creating content for social media, learn and understand my audience and be hella good at whatever I do. I’m not feeding romance to an audience that loves a thriller.

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