The Addams Family 2 | No-Spoilers Parent Review | by Kristen | Oct, 2021

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They’re creepy, they’re kooky and their on a trip of a lifetime! With sarcastic quips and lots of love The Addams Family 2 has appeal for most of the family, if you have pre-school aged children this may be one you watch after they’re asleep for a movie night with the older kids.

Disclaimer: I was given advanced access to The Addams Family 2 for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday Addams is growing up and going through growing pains. Gomez and Morticia have found themselves with two kids who rarely want to be seen with them. So what does Gomez come up with? A plan, that I think any parent who has felt they’ve lost a connection to their kids would think of, a family-bonding road trip!

Messaging of the film include owning your authentic self and realizing the importance of having a family that loves you.

The language is mild, practically squeaky clean but this film is long on (cartoon) violence. We see characters fall downstairs, contort their bodies in unfathomable ways and faceplant but after each “injury” each character is fine in the next scene. There are also visuals with explosives, weaponry and voodoo dolls.

The humor of The Addams Family 2 is dark. There are references to the Donner Family, the film “Carrie” and Wednesday refers to the Salem Witch Trials as, “Squad Goals”. This mixed with the violence makes me think preschool-aged children are better off skipping this one on movie night.

Age Recommendation for The Addams Family 2: 8+

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