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Not long ago, a creator on social media, especially Instagram, who wanted to direct their audience to view content off of their social account, had a single link found in their “bio” section. Having only one link was a hassle for creators. They had to edit and update their links continuously, which sometimes led to poor prioritization.

Fast forward to today, there are dozens of companies vying to solve this exact problem for you, from LinkTree to to to Milkshake. Competition between the various Link In Bio solutions leaves creators the winner as new features are added daily. The job is to figure out which combination of features works best for YOU. Check out a few ideas below!

It’s also true that each social platform is adding new formats that mirror or mimic what is popular on other platforms. For example, Instagram Reels mimic TikTok, and in turn, have influenced YouTube Shorts. The similarity in content types can make it easier to cross-publish. But you may be wondering how you can help your audience find your other accounts?

Enter Link In Bio tools. Showcasing your other profiles increases your audience’s (who already love you) chances to follow you on other platforms. Include a very specific call to action on the link — for example, “send me a DM on Instagram!”. While this might lead to a flood of new messages, there are excellent new tool s (like HiBeam)available to solve the overload, so pushing your audience to find you elsewhere is a no-brainer.

Link In Bio pages creates a more intimate space for your audience to know you, the creator, better. As the creator, you can provide different offerings based on what your community needs. Additionally, pairing these offerings with a specific call to action can further strengthen your relationship with your community. These steps help grow your following even more and help you reach new growth potential.

It used to be that clicking into a link in your bio was pretty straightforward and transactional. A creator would link whatever was most important for a given time, and the user would click and land on the destination. Now, each Link In Bio tool allows the creator to customize to various degrees.

You can imbue your Link In Bio with your color palette, fonts, spirit, and personality, all increasing the likelihood of conversion. Meaning these small changes help drive your audience to do what you want them to do, such as watching a video, buying a t-shirt, or sending you a direct message.

Instead of sending your community or audience you worked so hard to create to a third-party site, why not send them to your affiliate links? Affiliate links give you, the creator, a percentage of any sales made for directing your audience to third-party sites. Some platforms like or LinkTree have custom integrations with third parties. You can always keep it simple and set your affiliate links directly.

  • Sell stuff (affiliate links)
  • Influence audience behavior (ask your audience to message you!)
  • Customize to extend your brand for a more personalized and compelling look
  • Get set up fast and cheap.

Safe to say that Link In Bio tools will continue to get better — once you get started, it will be easy to stay on top of the latest and greatest and make these awesome little landing pages work for you.

With the influencer and creator market ever-expanding, it is safe to say Link In Bio tools will continue to evolve. Jumping in now will keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest features that are sure to come.

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