The Rise of Digital Being. Global Covid-19 Pandemic has made… | by Sanket Agarwal | Oct, 2021

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Sanket Agarwal

Global Covid-19 Pandemic has made humans more dependent on digital world.

Have you ever came across a person who is not using any digital device for his professional or personal work? Certainly NOT !! We as Individuals are taught to be self-dependent from our adolescence, But fortunately or unfortunately we are being dependent on some of the other digital devices which cannot be separated from our daily lives. We are dependent to the extent that if we want to travel from point A to point B, we tend to take the help of some applications which help us guide our way to the location. There are many inventions in the digital space that have helped humans evolve for good and some in return made us dependent on themselves.

You may be reading this blog on your smartphone or laptop certainly, which shows us the reality that we are preferring to read a blog/article in a digital format rather than in the weekly newspaper or magazine available at your doorstep. There are many reasons for this transition that have taken place over time, such as the quality of the content and many other reasons. We have completely or partially changed ourselves and have become slaves of the digital world which is surely not a pleasing reality. You may find yourself using digital media for getting updates relating to the happenings around the world or reaching out to your potential clients via social media, but at large studies have shown that people are addicted to the digital world and are simply wasting their crucial time-consuming content that is least relevant to their existence. This has proven to be a real addiction especially in the youth of the countries which consume content enormously.

The social media has played a crucial role in every person’s life which at large has made humans evolve themselves as a digital being.”

This has been the need of the hour that people should utilize their digital presence for their evolvement as a person who could solve many problems of the upcoming generations and previous generations as well. Fortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed people to their max being available digitally which could have been possible in a decade at large. We should take this as an opportunity to network with people around the Globe, have some meaningful tie-ups, discover new career paths, and much more but to a limited extent. Limitations should be set in order to get the desired results in any aspect of life.


The applications, software have made each and every task simple, from connecting to people across the world to meeting them virtually. The digital presence and dependency have been increasing over the years and is expected to increase more over time. From travelling to another city at the weekend for enjoyment purposes to taking virtual tours of the world sitting at your home, we have come a long way.

As a concluding point, being digitally available cannot be avoided in any case for the world we are living in but we can make sure that we utilize our digital presence for our good as well as enjoyment purposes only and realize that we are living in a real-world and not in a digital world full of your favourite movie characters or your imaginary comic characters. We should perform activities that should certainly solve the problems of society at large with the help of digital components available at our exposure.

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