The World-Shaking Rivalry of DC Current and AC Current | by Aflah Agus Rizkika | Oct, 2021

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Aflah Agus Rizkika

Who is the real king of the battle of the two currents?

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The internet is a great thing that we have, Thanks to the inventors of electricity who made this global network able to grow and develop. Speaking of electricity, by the way, I have a “legendary” story that many people may have heard of, a story about two types of people who introduced the concept of AC current and DC current, who else but Thomas Alfa Edison and his rival, Nikola Tesla. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll tell you

The Current War

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Do you know why an AC current source was born? Of course this is due to the irony of Edison’s invention of the light bulb, he did find the light bulb which was a great invention, but he did not find a practical system to keep the light on for a long time. Before we go any further into the concept, let’s review the definitions of AC current and DC current. According to the United States Department of Energy’s definition, DC current means “current that runs in the same direction all the time, like in a battery” while AC current means “alternating current which means -not in the same direction-”.

Even though Edison invented the light bulb, which was powered by his own current, DC current, this current didn’t work well over long distances, so if there wasn’t AC in the past then maybe now every few miles from our house a factory would be built. coal plants to cover the lack of DC current distribution distance. Although lacking in terms of distribution, but DC current has a potential in business. Edison wanted to “master the market” with his ideas for manufacturing and other electronic equipment.

This is where the emergence of Tesla, who at that time was a subordinate of Edison. Tesla had brilliant ideas in mind, he wanted to create a current development system that developed more “effectively” than DC. But what did Edison say? He refused. Tesla then went out and developed it himself after accepting a challenge from Edison, that if he -Tesla- could develop a more effective current then he would give him 50 thousand U.S. Dollars. Fantastic numbers when converted to the current dollar exchange rate. Then who won this bet? Of course you know who.

If Tesla does win, -which proves AC current is more effective- then why do so many electronic devices today use DC current?

The answer is simply because AC current is considered too dangerous. Edison thought that this stream if distributed to customers would only kill them within six months by any model, he wrote in 1886. A year later, Edison also demonstrated the dangers of AC current by making an electric chair to electrocute dogs with a voltage of 300V!! (Rest in Peace Dash). The design of this chair was also used to execute the prisoner who allegedly killed his father-in-law with a sting of 2000V which immediately burned him. Trembling torment.

Therefore, electrical engineers make an electrical component called a transformer, which is made in a half-wave and full-wave rectifier circuit in which there is a diode as a rectifier, so that the conversion of AC current to DC current occurs which causes both of them to be useful in everyday life. So, now that the current war between the two is over, and the world is returning to peace (LOL), about who is the winner between the two, of course you will decide for yourself.

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