Three Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Benefiting from the Pandemic | by Chloe Alleman | Oct, 2021

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Chloe Alleman

2020 is already a year behind us, and the end of that year was something that everyone rejoiced over. Although the calendar end of the commonly coined “worst year ever” isn’t going to be a be-all-end-all to the plethora of issues the world is facing, having some sort of fresh start and being able to wave goodbye to that year brought excitement and peace to many. Each of us could easily compile a list of unfortunate and undesirable events that have occurred this year, both in one’s personal life as well as in the greater world. Many years from now, 2020 will be in history books and each of us will have a book of stories to relay to the younger generations about the perils of this year.

While the pandemic continues on in some form and people have experienced both highs and lows, some markets and groups have actually seen unprecedented success and changes for the better. One of these groups would be social media users. In fact, according to Digital Commerce 360, 72% of consumers say that their social media use has increased in 2020. This is great news for social media marketers, for three specific reasons.

#1: Increased Social Media Use = Increased Marketing Traffic

While many of us as social media users would like to say we should spend more time off social media, it is a huge piece of information for marketers to see that consumers are spending increased time on social media platforms this year. Knowing where consumers are spending their time is a key piece of knowledge to have when planning marketing campaigns. You’re not going to rent a billboard to advertise to a market that would more likely see your ad in the newspaper than on the highway. In the same respect, if consumers are telling marketers that they are increasing their time spent on social media, then it is a no brainer that one can confidently expand their budget and increase their social media marketing. To prove that social media use has increased, a great example is Tik Tok. Tik Tok has seen extreme growth this year. The reason why is pretty simple: everything you want to do has been taken for you, anywhere you want to go you are no longer able to go to, and the best place for you to be is right at home. So, watching 15 second videos of random strangers doing random things has now become the peak form of entertainment in our world. This has a direct link to marketing on Tik Tok, which is an up and coming segment of marketing that was never considered before. Had it not been for the horrible year of 2020, it is possible that this form of marketing would have never been born. But now, the app is the #1 most downloaded app of the year. With facts like that standing behind them, you’d be crazy to not include Tik Tok in your social media marketing efforts.

#2: People Aren’t Going Into the World as Often

Due to the transition into working from home and events being cancelled, people are leaving the house a lot less. Therefore, the expensive advertisements placed on scoreboards in sports stadiums haven’t been seen all year, billboards aren’t being seen, and word of mouth marketing is down if people can’t gather. The ability to market used to be able to be done in so many different ways, but now, so many of those ways aren’t effective. Social media marketing is looked at often as a new way to market, but thanks to 2020, it is going to start being looked at as the best way. Users are using social media for news, shopping, information from friends and family they can’t see, to order groceries, to share stories. Social media has become the one stop shop for everything that 2020 has taken from our usual day to day lives and activities. The good news for marketers is that the more people you have in one place, especially a place where they will inevitably run into your messages, the better. Success in social media marketing has been growing since its birth, and now 2020 is going to be the ultimate catalyst to the complete overhaul of so many traditional marketing tactics in favor of the newer social media marketing ones.

#3: Analytics are at Your Fingertips

To also be noted is the ease of which social media marketing can be analyzed on social media, and in such detail. Running ads on any social media platform brings along with it a specialized dashboard to view your ad analytics in real time. There is no need to run the ad for its entire campaign cycle, then view results, and then decide if the ad worked or didn’t. Ads can be run, analytics can be assessed after one day, and these results alone can determine the run time of the campaign as well as its success without having to simply wait and hope that the ad reached who you wanted and performed well. This is amazing compared to traditional marketing, and the growth of its use as well as its effectiveness is completely dependent on people being present on social media and spending enough time there to make these marketing messages resonate at a degree in which they would in other old school marketing methods.

We can all agree that 2020 was a bad year and we all feel better to some degree since it is over. However, if one takes time to step away from the obvious and numerous issues the year has brought, then they are able to see the areas in which this year has improved for some. Social media marketing is going to grow dramatically due to 2020. People have already shown in huge numbers that they are on social media, and now more often than ever before. Being able to re-target marketing campaigns to the specific users on social media is becoming and soon will be a norm, and traditional marketing tactics might be completely obsolete as a result. This just goes to show, no matter how unfortunate things are, life keeps moving and things keep changing.

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