TikTok is Working on a Way for Advertisers to Target Users in Other Apps | by Aspiration Worx | Sep, 2021

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TikTok is apparently dealing with a means to earn revenue via a native audience network for advertisers aiming to get to TikTok individuals.

AdWeek reports this information was discovered in some recently released designer files. The audience network would permit marketers to target individuals while they’re utilizing other apps.

That means marketers would certainly have the possibility to reach customers outside of the TikTok system. AdWeek’s sources state this audience network is being examined in the East Asian market initially, yet may be a sign of things to find in the United States.

Marketing options consist of full-page video clip advertisements in various other applications, or awarded video ads that are commonly seen in most free-to-play games.

TikTok is expanding at a fast speed, yet does not yet have a system in position for monetizing its users like even more well-known apps are doing, such as Facebook as well as Snapchat.

But that’s not to state it’s not attempting. A record released in June shows that TikTok explores a method to target users within App advertisement based upon their internet browsing task.

Currently, TikTok gains income with in-app purchases. Individuals can get a digital currency that allows them to open premium functions to enhance their web content. TikTok has actually apparently made $75 million up until now from selling its digital currency.

TikTok likewise earns revenue via in-feed ads and funded challenges, though those are just readily available to pick companies as components of a beta examination.

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