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Tips to Improve Your YouTube Video SEO

With 63% of all Internet users regularly watching YouTube, video marketing is an important element to integrate into your digital marketing plan.

Many businesses create videos and upload them to this popular platform. With an abundance of businesses uploading videos, YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative to help your videos succeed.

The second largest search engine on the Internet is YouTube. When you try to rank on search engines like Google, you use SEO. You want to do the same thing when you are trying to rank on YouTube.
So, how you can improve your YouTube SEO ranking?
Let’s start with the basics of SEO for YouTube.

What is YouTube SEO?
YouTube SEO (or YouTube search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your videos so that they show up in the YouTube results when people search for the topics that your videos cover.
Keywords make up a large part of YouTube SEO. Just as you would add keywords to your website pages to help it rank in Google, you should add keywords to your YouTube videos.

Keywords for YouTube SEO can appear in your video’s:
Other YouTube video elements you should optimize include:
End screens
Keep reading to learn some very valuable YouTube SEO tips for your business.
1. Conduct keyword research
2. Optimize your videos for keywords
3. Get your video to rank in Google
4. Make your videos interesting
5. Customize your thumbnails
6. Use strong calls to action (CTAs)
7. Promote your videos
8. Be consistent
9. Update your channel
10. Use YouTube’s interactive elements
11. Engage with YouTube comments

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If you’re ready to start earning more viewers, subscribers, and conversions through YouTube SEO, We look forward to helping your business grow!

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