To all of you in limbo with your employer’s right now: | by Jess Kraft | Sep, 2021

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To all of you in limbo with your employer’s right now:

Stand strong in your rights and don’t stop advocating for yourselves. Right now I feel like we are in a fundamental time where our communication is key, our composure and professionalism still matters.

I know it can be easy to feel defeated, angry and sad about the potential of many of us losing our livelyhoods, and a few weeks ago I was dealing with all types of emotions. It was manifesting at home and at work in all the ugly ways. I was bickering with my loved ones, my morale at work was in the pits. I filled out forms, filed questions, liability notices and had some pretty tough conversations. I was genuinely exhausted.

These last few days, a weight has lifted a little off these shoulders and i’ll tell you why. I woke up one day and decided to simply head to work with a positive mindset and let all the love in my heart lead the way. The nature of my work has given me the pleasure to work closely with the public who volunteer their time, and I wanted everyone I interacted with that day to see me in my truest form. I noticed something, and that was how greatly my interactions changed. I was vulnerable, open to listen, and recieve information or guidance from others. Conversations began and ended with ease. Truth is, I love my job. And I don’t want to lose it. ‘Kinda gets me choked to even imagine that this is truly what is about to happen.

Your employer, manager, supervisor is (probably) not likely directly responsible for this mandate. The colleagues and family members (probably) dislike arguing about the same things we’ve been arguing about the last *almost* two years, and they are (probably) burnt out from this madness too. The job you have, if it requires a mandate and you don’t stand behind that, maybe you have decided to move on. Perhaps it had reached its end a few month’s ago, and if the threat of this journey ending is making you feel sad, then you are definitely not alone. If one thing is for certain, it’s that we are all pretty uncertain about the future. Ya feel me?

We are all here living a different experience. And we are one experience away from greater understanding one another. While advocating for yourself is incredibly important, our *opinions* are overshadowing the huge, MASSIVE awakening that’s going on this very moment! You have the chance to witness and be a part of it. We can choose to fall victims to this mandate, or we can see it as a silver lining. You may not even know it now, but this could lead to you owning your own business, recording music, homeschooling your children, and building community once again.

And what happens when humans harness their capabilities of true connection?

We are ungovernable. We can rewrite it all babe.

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