Too Many allurements can bring trapped customers inside the Marketing FuNneL | by Sanpink | Oct, 2021

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Customer‘s journey through the Funnel

  • Our online necessity has allowed them to encapsulate the Web Market.
  • Not all are futile as they can be a big source of knowledge and talent advancement.
  • Validating it through a series of interactive activities like Contest, Freebies, Discounted Offers to fetch personal mail ID or contact no. Further, pushing their products through personalized emails and messages.
  • While some of them would genuinely want to try the product at least once. These can be converted into regular customers.
  • However, those who fall into it because of the attractive marketing tactics can be risky customers. As most likely, they lose interest and pull out in the middle. These indecisive customers may spread bad word of mouth in the market.

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