Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Give Boost to your Business | by Sanket Communication | Oct, 2021

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Marketing & Advertising have become very challenging in this post-pandemic life. While offline marketing has been pushed to the back seat, Online & Digital Marketing have grabbed the limelight attracting business owners to promote their brand, products, and services to a wider range of audience. But digital promotion is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of effort, time & knowledge to make the right use of it.

There are many digital marketing tools that can make the job easier for you. Of course, tools alone won’t make you a marketing genius. But it will take a huge workload off you when you have the ability to schedule and manage your content well in advance.

So take a look at some of the tools that will help you scale your digital marketing task.

Almost 80% of brands in the B2B & B2C sector use email marketing to reach their target audience online. You need to have a compelling email marketing strategy from day one. That’s where Mailchimp comes in handy. It is an email marketing & social media automation tool that lets you design your communication from scratch and plan their deployment. Mailchimp will create & manage your mailing list database, periodical newsletters, and also help you design them. The feature to track the performances of your campaigns is one of the best reasons to get this tool. Also, you can get a free plan for less than 2000 subscribers. How amazing is that?

Price: Starts free & can go up to ₹ 770/ month

If you are constantly running different campaigns directing customers to visit your website, Google Analytics is the gold standard for tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts. You can see all the information such as who visits your website, what is their location, how much time they are spending on which page, etc. Google analytics will make you understand what kind of content is working well with your audience and what parts you should modify. Along with that you also get info on conversion rates, real-time data, user engagement, etc.

Price: Free

A great tool for all your social media management needs, Hootsuite helps in storing and accessing all your approved content for posting. It also lets you schedule multiple posts in different social media handles at once with keywords & hashtags. This tool has made social media marketing less time consuming and assists in tracking engagement, calculating conversions, Return On Investment (ROI), etc. Hootsuite is excellent in keeping constant intra-communication with your audience through the dashboard feature.

Price: starts from ₹1260/month

The online market is ever-evolving and to get the best results out of your digital marketing, you need to listen to your audience. It means you need to track your audiences’ online behaviour & create content accordingly. SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps you do exactly that! You can improve your campaigns by earning backlinks, including valuable keywords and keep a close eye on your & your rivals’ website performance. SEMrush is very easy for beginners to learn about organic & paid marketing and improve rankings.

Price: starts from ₹8902.65/month

Canva Pro is a tool you didn’t know you needed, till you start using it. It helps you create custom images, logos, stickers, short videos, fonts, banners, etc. for all your online communications. The best part is, it is very easy to learn the ropes around it. Canva Pro provides a massive library of images, designs, music & videos that help in creating the exact vision in mind. A great tool for brands & startups who have just started their digital marketing action plan.

Price: starts from ₹499/month. A free plan is available, but with limitations.

You can use these tools to create compelling campaigns. But without proper plans to execute your methods, it will be challenging to get any significant results. You wouldn’t want all your efforts to go down the drain, would you? Therefore, it is best to leave digital marketing strategies for professionals to execute, for optimum results.

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