Twitter & Tidal: Tweet, Analyze, & Tweet Again | by Anna V | Oct, 2021

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Best Practices Put to Use: TIDAL

Tidal, a music streaming service, seems to implement these best practices on social media. The brand, founded by Jay-Z, uses the latest trending topics, memes, and references to popular culture to connect with its followers and audience.

Tidal Content on Twitter (about Drake’s EP)
Tidal Content on Twitter (about Netflix’s new show, Squid Game)

Recently, the “Dinner with Jay-Z” meme resurfaced, to which the Tidal brand on Twitter replied, letting people know its stance. Many users found this interaction hilarious, considering Jay-Z is the owner of the brand.

Tidal Content on Twitter (about “Dinner with Jay-Z” meme)

Tidal uses very short, quick, to-the-point tweets to engage followers, alongside creative memes, videos, pictures, and engaging questions. One of Tidal’s most recent tweets can seem casual to those not involved in the music industry, but it is a sneak-peak to Adele’s upcoming album; this tweet generated nearly 500 retweets, 1K likes, and nearly 80 replies.

Tidal Content on Twitter (about Adele’s upcoming album)

Another viral tweet consisted of Tidal tweeting out “Happy September 21st,” about Earth, Wind & Fire’s iconic single “September,” which was released in 1978; this tweet generated over 3K retweets and 7K likes.

While everything seems to be very media-based, adding polls can only help in engaging more users throughout the platform. Tidal has a separate Twitter account for customer support services, where it responds directly to issues related to the app and streaming service.

Tidal Support Content on Twitter

Although Tidal Support has not been active very recently, it could help in consumer engagement and brand awareness in developing more content going out. Twitter is all about engagement in retweets and likes, not massive conversations. Tidal seems to be taking the basic best practices into account, but if implemented more, Tidal’s brand awareness would increase significantly on Twitter.

“Be human, be real, be conversational. Show people there’s a person behind that account.” — Bianca Posterli, Head of social campaigns at Twitter

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