Unstoppable: BTS sells out four stadium dates in US | by Habeebahfatima | Oct, 2021

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For the nth time BTS proved why they are deemed as the biggest group on the planet. The recently announced ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concert by BTS sold out during the presale event, not even making it through to the general sale which was to be held on October 9th. On September 28th BTS’ official Twitter announced a four day concert at Sofi Stadium, Los Angeles. This will be the group’s first offline gig after nearly two years, because of the covid 19 pandemic. During this time period BTS churned out massive worldwide super hits like ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’, ‘Savage Love Remix’, ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Permission to Dance’ and the newly released ‘My Universe’ with Coldplay. These huge hits have helped the septet gain millions of more fans around the world. It is important to mention that the group’s immense fame went unscathed during this time of the pandemic and even have been on a steady rise to new heights. Songs like ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ were released in a time where one needed a break from the burdens of the pandemic and simply live. The four day concert is bringing a new wave of anticipation, excitement and hope for the Army who has been patiently waiting for their beloved artist’s appearance in front of a live crowd for two years.

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