We live in a smart world. | by Stili Ilist | Oct, 2021

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We live in a smart world.

Everything surrounding us is labeled as smart otherwise is not sellable. In this category is included one of the most useful device, the watch, which eventually that became smart too . This small, smart, modern device has entered in our Iives and is getting part of our daily routine. We use them to set up alarms or notifications. We check our communication via all possible available platforms that are available these days. We stay up-to-date with the news. We track our health and keep record of it. However is it still a watch and is it actually doing what it is made for and if so how good is at this.

Humans are obsessed with time from the beginning of the civilization. We try to understand what time is, how to measure and record it , even we are unsuccessfully trying to bend or manipulate timeline. We started by tracking time based on sun and moon srasons and we divided into smaller equations. We created years months weeks days hours second and in modernlife fractions of seconds. We built watches in all sizes from wrist or pocket watch to huge constructions wchich decorate city center, and ended up with the help of technology to having these amazing smart devices on our wrists. Trying to make them as precise as possible. We added fashion on them, and made them unique. These devices were designated to inform us about the time, their core function. We added time meters and calendar and these were becoming more useful. We ended up digitalizing them and they become modern. And in the recent years we ended up with the smartwatches.

We use these modern devices for all kind of purposes except their main purpose tracking time. This is happening due to their load of functions. However we need to check time and these smart devices are not reliable. They need to be charged frequently , they can go empty enytime or just stop working due to hardware or software issues.

Personally I was In love with these small devices and i still use one of them . I have been using smartwatches for around 5 years. However I am disappointed with the progress especially in software. The most remarkable progress is their price which can match a mid range smartphone for a reliable watch . Hopefully big techs will invest for real in smartwatches to make the affordable and reliable. And let’s hope that their software will match smartphones’ in the near future.

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