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We tuned into your latest video “Code over Clout” .. How do you feel about the influence that social media has on today’s music? Do you believe it’s helping or hurting the culture ?

This last Decade of music has changed the world, coming from a city where the murder rate out numbers the days in a year, you would think some type of change in music would switch but it’s all the same. Drill music being number 1, it’s like instead of really rapping about what you feel a lot of rappers rather make fun of serious situations. Its a repeated cycle that never ends, resulting to more violence.

You have a Philadelphia sound, who inspired your music to where it’s at today ?

A lot of my inspiration came from dancing I use to dance when I was little so In order to make every move count I had to know every word, and before I knew it I’m rapping their songs better than the artist. So music it’s self was my inspiration not anyone in particular.

If you didn’t create music, what would you be doing or creating ?

I’m all for leading our youth into a better future. So I created a non- profit organization program for The youth called Naeborhood Operation Inc. Naeborhood Operation Inc is a youth builder operated team of Entrepreneurs, where we provide extended help furthering school education, while also providing basic life skills on how to create your own business.

What has been the highlight of your career so far ?

The highlight of my career for me had to be Writing, Recording, and shooting the Video for “The Real Die Young”. I say this because it was a Life hitting situation for me cause of the loss of my uncle who was shot over 23 times at the age of 23. So having to put all of my frustrations into a song, and it got the response it did made me smile cause I felt like I made something that will out live us all and the world can relate to it.

With all the female rappers entering the game now, where do you put yourself in the mix of all the talent.

I put myself in my own category cause of my own up bringing. I’m in tune with a few female artist and I can’t say any of us are in the same lanes.

What is your creative process like when you’re writing a song ?

I have to see what I’m saying, like an actual picture have to be painted (vividly) in order for me to even hear the song. It’s like making your words come to life so another person can see and hear what you are saying.

You get your first multi million deal/check what’s the first thing you’re buying ?

My Own Home.

If you could change one thing in the music industry what would it be ?

I would change The Code of things, too much is being tolerated and Nothing is being respected.

We seen the question all over social media, Dinner with Jay Z or 500k?

I would take the $500k and offer to Prepare him a dinner, if he decline at least I have the money.

What’s next for you ?

I’m in the middle of my second project, “Woah 2” which will be releasing very soon. So y’all definitely will be seeing a whole lot more of Nizzie Stackz.

IG : @nizzie.stackz

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