Week 50 — Upskilling In the Digital Era | by Lilian L. | wearedayone | Sep, 2021

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Lilian L.

The term ‘upskilling’ has been an oft touted buzzword in the past few years. Most of us are now already aware of the need to keep up with the times, and the importance of learning new skills.

There are plenty of options on how and when to upskill, and a ton of topics available, ranging from business analysis to project management. Whether it’s to achieve a personal or professional goal, there’s a course for everyone.

While researching on the subject of upskilling, we discovered two common hurdles that many face, which in turn lead to inaction.

  1. Having options is a good thing…right?

No. Psychologists have found out that sometimes, having too many choices is actually harder than a defined few options.

Being offered too many choices in fact leads to indecision, and ends in stagnation. When faced with the whole gamut of upskilling courses, many found themselves at a loss and avoided the task of choosing what to start with.

2. I can’t seem to find the time!

Another hurdle that many working adults seem to face is the inability to commit. A lack of time is often cited as a barrier to learning.

This is understandably so with work already taking up the bulk of one’s week, along with other personal commitments that one may be bogged down by. Carving out time to upskill may very well be a luxury that not everyone can afford.

With these two hurdles in mind, we began laying out the requirements for our next big feature — the Playbook! With this new feature, we sought to tackle the problems people face on the topic of upskilling.

Keep a look out for part two of this update as we bring you more insights on the design of the Playbook and how it overcomes the hurdles of upskilling!

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