What are the best strategies for social media marketing? | by Sivaraj C | Oct, 2021

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Social media is about connections, and connections are built on trust. In the first post, you asked, “What should I post?” In this second post, we’ll look at posting.

People choose to follow companies on social media for two reasons. First, they want to be involved in what the company is doing. Second, they want to learn something.

This means that companies can’t just post product updates. A blog or newsletter can do that. Social media is about sharing things other people are interested in. Facebook, Twitter, and other networks have huge user databases of interests and hobbies. These tools allow you to find people who share your interests.

So, first, decide what to share. Second, decide that sharing is important enough to publish. Third, choose tools to help you publish.

First, decide what to share. Consider your company’s brand and your audience. Does your company have a distinct personality? If so, what? What kinds of things do your followers like? What kinds of things do your followers share?

If you aren’t sure what your audience likes, ask your followers. People love to tell you what they think, and they love sharing.

Next, plan your content. If you have a lot of content, it can be hard to find things to share.

First, categorize each piece of planned content. Use Google calendar’s categories to help.

  • Set reminders on your calendar

Schedule content to be published at the best times. Your audience is different at different times of the day.

Make sure the content is in a catchy format for people. Because it’s important to spend the time on your content. Even it’s a minute I need to learn something from that content.

And don’t use more than 3 different template formats. It gives you a unique identity for your brand.

Use preview tools to show up the finished result for your template for confirmation before posting. You can get free tools on the internet. for templates, My suggestion is contentdrips website.

Schedule the post at the right time as per your geographical needs. use creator studio for FB and Instagram. There are few free tools on the internet.

Finally, Marketing is the practice. So you need to review and repeat those above points. From analyzing them you can find the right opportunities in the market.

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