What is Wound? What are the Types of Wounds? How Does the Wound Heal? | by rana khizer | Oct, 2021

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rana khizer

Wound is briefly described as disruption of tissue integrity. There are many factors that cause injury: penetrating, cutting, piercing tools create wounds by physical means. Extremely hot (burn, scalding) or extremely cold (frosty) can cause types of wounds to form. Ultraviolet light or radiation can cause injury. Acid or alkaline substances can cause chemical wounds. Exposure to certain parts of the body for a long time, hitting shoes, squeezing, friction can also cause wounds.

The body becomes acquainted with the wound when the umbilical cord is cut right after birth and is exposed to wounds countless times until death. Despite the fact that there are so many factors that can cause wounds and numerous injuries, the body successfully repairs these injuries. The reason for this lies in the fact that the body is equipped with the ability to repair wounds. Closure of the wound or repair of the wound is a genetic feature. Many cells have the capacity to work for this purpose.

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