Where were you when Apple bought Greece | by Rob Williams | Sep, 2021

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Where were you when Apple bought Greece

Last weeks news was shocking, if not unexpected.

Greece has been in debt for years, and Apple has been in profit for years, but a wholesale purchase was seen as such a bold move that it took a referendum and some hardcore negotiation from the tech giant to pull it off.

Apparently, Apple were in talks with Greece as far back as 2018, so this move has been a long time coming.

So, welcome to the age of Corporate Sponsored Countries.

There are rumours of two more CSCs by the end of the year, with Tesla and Google in talks with two more troubled European countries following the collapse of the EU and the Euro after the “EuroCrisis” back in 2026.

Meanwhile Microsoft is alledgedly in talks to sponsor Washington State.

The labour and tax deal Apple brokered would be illegal in any country on the planet, but the they argue the profit share that Greece will get under its leadership will make it one of the wealthiest countries in the world…

I’m not sure where I stand, I liked it when companies and countries, Business and Politics, were separate…

But all that changed in the early 2010’s and 20’s

Businesses started waking up to the fact that they were, in many cases, bigger, better funded, more advanced, and often better run than the countries they found themselves in.

They became self aware in the geopolitical landscape, and started fighting back.

The results, often chaotic, foreshadowed what was to come, with “Businessman” Trump leading the United States, and later Apple successfully outmanoeuvring the combined forces of the FBI, the white-house and the President.

Then in 2023 Google virtually blackmailing Biden, then President, into changes to the constitution, and US law, to permit its new breed of AI, DeeperMind.

And now it looks like they’re playing Risk, carving up the map, it’s a sobering and scary thought…

Although I quite like Greece, and I’m an Apple fan, so maybe it’s time for a holiday!

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