Why Are Coupons Not The Best For Promoting A Business? | by Raman | Oct, 2021

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Coupons are a healthy way to promote business. It helps in engagement with the customers, not to mention they attract new customers. However, with its advantages come some disadvantages, so let’s learn a little about them.

We shall learn the delicate balance of promoting coupons without having them overpower the business.

Promo codes require a certain balance to work properly. You may offer discounts on previous collections to get rid of the idle stock. Offering discounts on the latest collections may hurt the business in more ways than one.

The result is obvious! The customers will refuse to pay after availing of the first few discounts. They will most likely wait for coupons or discounts to become active and then purchase.

The practice will result in an uneven sales cycle, which is not beneficial for any business. Customers will only visit shops when the coupons are valid.


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