Why did i choose udacity nanodeegree program? See here… | by Tvostrodrigues | Oct, 2021

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Hi, i am Otavio, i am a baker and i came to know udacity when my brother take a nanodeegree program trying to change his position because he do college and ended unemployed.I always think this thing my dad says, “the life doenst offers promises or garantys, only possibilities and opportunitys” all the time i keep thinking about what can i do to change all of my situation, my brother sucessfully change his life, and i will not keep losing my opportunities and thats why i choose the Udacity Nanodegree Program.

I stop the procrastination in my life and i get out of my zone of confort, My area of work its not very great, them i got catched thinking, its not the thing i want for my life, mostly in my area u only use your body for work, its too much hours for work and for a low salary, hear in brazil for people how go to college its common to go and end, and end up unemployed according to IBGE in brazil have 14,1% of unemployeds, so i start to look what i want and dream about my future.

So i started to ask my self what i am talented about and what is in growth in the market, look in all social medias and in instagram, i start too see a work named raffle how peoples sells cars and do payed traffic on instagram, and i started to do some payed traffics too, but nothing professional in the time kinda like a hobbie or a test and i came to sell somethings and get interest in marketing digital and the great things we can do with it, after I keep thinking about all the things I can do with it, all the people I can convince, and all the people I can help too.

Later i came to do some courses or programs in another plataforms but sincerely its not the thing i wanted, and i keep thinking and thinking, and i came a “plim” in my mind, why i dont do the udacity courses?

I remembered because of my brother, all those good things he sayed, them I joined the website and start the enroll, but in the time I not have the full money, later came up a opportunity for me to candidat to get a discount, after what u think that happen?

I get that feeling of hope for me, them I buy and started the lessons and the knowledge i am getting its awesome, pure technical and effective personal, 24/7 support for the questions and the program provides the technique and the tools you will need to join the marketing digital career, why don’t u join us in this journey?

U still have time, and still need a hope too, and here have a example.

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