Why email marketing is important in today’s age? | by Dewanshhate | Oct, 2021

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Let’s assume if you will an ad in social media pages then what you can do is

either you will click on if your interested in it

Or you are not going click on it.

Again assume if you click on particular ad then you are directly redirected to product page and then probability of buying a particular product is very less.

Because you will be going to see particular first time and you brand not able to build a trust. So in social media marketing is always having an trust issue and without trust no one is able to buy product for sure.

Kindly ask to yourself are you able to buy a particular product which new to you or you don’t have trust on particular product.

Surely no. This not going to happen this. Right

So let’s consider with email marketing campaigns. When we do email campaigns then we by using landing pages we will able to get email id.

After getting email id what i m doing is that i m providing a free digital marketing course. Either it is small course or large one .For this courses i n using deep marketing strategies means 1 video each day so that way i m able to build trust with my customers.

After gaining sufficient trust my customers is going to buy product from me. So email marketing is helpful for bulding a trust.

And trust is everything.keep in mind. Sales is not possible without trust.

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