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People don’t usually consider how English can be used similarly to a mathematical equation from learning about the origins of our common language. The importance of knowing the inner workings of writing can bring vast improvements throughout multiple areas of life, since knowledge is broken down into communication. Through the use of origins, affixes and roots, and essay structures one will be able to use English as a mathematical equation.

A great number of English words come from the same source which gives it a pattern to analyze. Many English words are ultimately of Latin origin, and most have a common qualification in the word structure that can be broken down. The reason that people use these structures is because the word becomes easier to understand.

Likewise, the origin of essays originated to assemble various ideas. Essays are not just for schooling purposes, but can be found in many academic credentials. The English language works through affixes and roots that can be used to decode unfamiliar words through these elements.

Additional elements placed at the beginning or end of a root, stem, or word, or in the body of a word, will modify its meaning which includes a prefix such as un- which opposes the meaning of a word, or a suffix which exposes whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb like a noun ending in -ation. To add on, root word holds the most basic meaning of any word; It’s what’s left after you remove all the affixes. For instance, phon meaning sound or morph meaning form.

After a work of writing is understood by the terms used with additional elements, such as a mathematical equation would have the inner parentheses sorted, the next step is to expand to a bigger picture: exploring the use of those words in the structure of an essay. Essays are a proposal of an idea to the reader, and it is important that the writer thinks about how the reader will be informed.

Students’ essays are graded more objectively than people realize, which makes it important to take advantage of this to get the best possible grades. To make sure that the idea is coherent, it is important to introduce a book by naming the author and title from the start, this makes sure that what is being said already has what it references already in the reader’s mind so they are not misinterpreting anything. To help the reader further, the first sentence should address the prompt and add a reference to the story, and only then introduce the thesis.

Empathy, on the writer’s end, will result in more people taking the work seriously, so the thoughtfulness will usually be reciprocated; empathy gets reciprocated. The benefits of looking into the deeper meaning of how the English language is structured can be demonstrated through how the reader understands and reacts to the work. The origins, structure of English words, and the use in sentences have more meaning to it based on the empathy of the reader. There is always more to learn about the things one does every day.

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