Young Rapper BSK Kicks Off Anticipation About Forthcoming Music | by Steve Lenae | Oct, 2021

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Ben Sharp Knowles — or simply BSK — is a diverse, new hip-hop artist who has been steadily practicing his craft over the past 12 months. As he has learned the best ways to express himself through music, he’s developed an intense passion for making hip-hop. Even though he hasn’t been at it long, Knowles has started to pick up speed and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

BSK started writing raps and making music amidst the Covid outbreak. He began figuring out his own writing techniques and music-making methods. The young rapper is aware of his status as a new artist, as he tried to not be overly-critical of his work or question the start of his songs, but to be more patient while each track develops.

Rewind one year and we were all still coping with the realities of Covid-19 and the world was still reeling from the effects of having to quarantine. Everyone was struggling to keep themselves busy or entertained during this time. While dealing with the uncertainty that came along with the pandemic, people started creating, releasing and promoting their art at unprecedented speeds. Artists were diving into their crafts more than ever as people were stuck scrolling down their social media timelines. Along with that, countless people were inspired to begin creating art for the first time.

This is where BSK’s journey began as a rapper. He took the right steps while he became a student of hip-hop, keeping his ear open to other sounds and genres of music.

“I made music for fun in the covid lockdown, and I realized the reward of completing a song. I wanted to [create] more and my friends enjoyed my music,” BSK said while reflecting on his journey thus far. “I chose this path because I really enjoy making music, I like the feeling to see people enjoy my music and bringing people together.”

Fast-forward to today, Knowles has 7 track out already on streaming platforms and has over 10 more in the pipeline. Over the next two years, BSK has some aspirations he’s quickly cultivated over the past year as an artist. He plans to release an album and hopefully have a hit song or single while promoting his work. As he increases his social media presence and grows with his music, he plans to work with a talented team of producers.

At the end of the day, it’s never too late to get into your passions, and BSK is a prime example of that. Don’t get discouraged because you’re not a professional out of the gate! Everyone has to start somewhere, the key is just starting.

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